Analysis of the Academic Performance

Under this service, we will provide a detailed mathematical as well as statistical analysis of the academic performance of a student viz a viz subject and its attribute through our software, ShikshaLytics, which is made specifically for the purpose of efficiently, accurately and conclusively determining the growth of a student.

Organization & Management of Activities

We conduct, organize and manage Large-Scale as well as Small-scale events in school. These events will be a blend of academic, co-curricular, sports activities and will comprise of lectures from eminent personalities in various fields. The purpose of these events is to offer a plethora of activities that encompass diverse talents so as to offer an opportunity for discovering, displaying and honing various skills to each and every student.


Multi Level Analysis Generation

The service also focuses on the generation and analysis of the aggregate level distribution of the class based on various parameters and thus aids teachers and the administration to witness the holistic development of a student or a class, not just by words, but through quantifiable data.

Organization of Seminars & Motivational Speeches

In addition to the above services, we are also offering bi-annual seminars for the students. The seminars will cover detailed aspects of growth and development in every phase of life. The best part that we feel about these seminars is that they will be delivered by the people who have in-depth experiences in their respective fields and who believe that the students should be prepared to a great extent, if not fully, to face these challenges.


Time Bound Report Delivery

We offer guaranteed and time bound delivery of the report of each student to his/her home with an extreme sensitivity to its confidentiality. The reports will be prepared in both English and Hindi so that it’s easily comprehensible for everyone.

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