India’s unprecedented and, dare we say, unparalleled importance to the current global order is now well documented. We bear witness to this splendid rise of a nation with the youngest workforce ready to achieve seemingly impossible glories. However, this potential goldmine on which we find ourselves, presents to us a tricky paradox as well. To put it simply, the key to the aforementioned growth potential lies in efficiently and effectively managing our young population. While a right direction can uplift us from all the social/economical misery that we inherited post-independence, improper utilization of the energy of our youth might open a Pandora’s Box. Education is and will remain, undisputedly, the key factor to overcome this challenge.


Our Word

We at SHIKSHAK-KUL attribute our very inception to aid and facilitate our educational institutions in facing these challenges and helping them be the forerunners in scripting new India’s success story.